Payment Plans

Payment plans will be available on-line beginning May 11, 2024, in the Bursar Account Suite to students who are registered for Summer and have a prior semester balance of $200 or less. 

Summer 2024 Payment Plans

Payment Plan OptionsFirst Day AvailableLast Day AvailableTotal Set-Up FeePayment Due Dates
3 PaymentsMay 11Jun 10$45At set-up, Jul 10, Aug 10
2 PaymentsMay 11Jul10$30At set-up, Aug 10


Once in the Bursar Account Suite, click on the Payment Plans menu option, select the plan you desire, then follow the steps.

Benefits of Enrolling in a Payment Plan

  • Breaks your large balance into lower, more affordable monthly payments.
  • Reduces and can eliminate your need to incur student loan debt.
  • Avoid monthly service charges that are assessed on unpaid billed balances.
  • Avoid a past due bursar hold allowing you to add or drop courses as needed.

Enrollment Requirements

  • Must be registered in the current semester;
  • Must have at least $100 in charges in the current semester;
  • Cannot have a prior semester balance greater than $200.

Other Important Information

  • Four plans are offered during the Fall and Spring semester: 2, 3, 4 and 5 payment plans.
  • Two plans are offered during the Summer semester: 2 and 3 payment plans.
  • Each plan has a set-up fee of $15 per payment: $30, $45, $60 and $75 for the 2, 3, 4 and 5 plan, respectively.
  • Due dates are the 10th of each month during the semester for the respective plan. Service charges of 1.2% will be assessed on the 10th of the month for all outstanding charges if you don't have a plan in place on the 10th of the month.
  • Scheduled payments are required when setting up a plan, meaning:
    • The first payment is due at the time of set-up, and
    • All subsequent payments will be automatically made in the early morning of their due date.
      • Payments can be made manually, either with the same payment method or a different one, but the payment must be received by 5:00 PM the business day before the due date.
      • The payment method associated with the payment plan cannot be deleted, however, it can be changed:
      • If the credit or debit card being used expires, the plan may become delinquent at which point a service charge will be assessed and a financial hold placed on the account.
  • All plans will include all charge balances in an account except Child Care Charges and Short-Term Loans.
  • New charges and payments in your account will automatically adjust your remaining payment plan amounts, and you will receive an email each time your amounts change.
    • Exception:  An upcoming payment will not adjust for a charge that is added to your account within 14 days of the payment due date.
  • Your payment plan agreement is always viewable in the Bursar Account Suite.
  • Payment plans do not roll over into future semesters. In other words, a new plan must be set-up every semester.
  • Visit for additional information.