An account is sent to an external collection agency when collection efforts through the normal billing process have failed and any of the following occurs:

  • An account becomes seriously past due (>120 days)
  • A significant past due balance has accumulated
  • The billing address is determined to be non-deliverable
  • Other conditions that may affect account collection

Once an account is turned over to collection, a collection fee is immediately assessed and added to the balance. Payments must be made directly to the collection agency - UNM will not take your payment. Failure to respond to the collection agency and make the required payments may result in additional legal and service fees. Further, the account may be reported to the appropriate credit bureaus, which will negatively impact the ability to obtain future credit.

After turning over an account to a collection agency, a Bursar Collection hold is placed on the account preventing enrollment, obtaining transcripts, or charging other services to the account. The hold will also prevent UNM billing statements from being mailed to the student and will stop the addition of service charges on the past due balance.

Four collection agencies are being used at this time: 

AgencyPhone #Website
Radius Global Solutions LLC formerly Windham Professionals, Inc.855-753-1581 

Reliant Capital Solutions


Williams & Fudge