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Enrollment Cancellation

The Enrollment Cancellation deadline is a date set by UNM, and prescribed by state statute, by which a student must make a financial commitment by accepting financial responsibility for current semester charges and by paying their entire prior semester balance or be dropped from their current semester courses.

Students can view their Enrollment Cancellation Balance over LoboWeb, in the Registration & Records menu. Payment of this balance must be received by the Cashier Department by 5:00 PM on the stated deadline. Failure to make the required payment will result in the student being dropped from all their current semester courses.

Fall 2018 Enrollment Cancellation

  • Enrollment Cancellation for Fall 2018 will take place at the end of the second week of classes: Friday, August 31, 2018 at 5 PM.
  • Only students who have a PRIOR SEMESTER BALANCE GREATER THAN $200 will be canceled from their Fall 2018 courses.
  • Fall 2018  financial aid will only pay $200 of a prior aid year balance.
  • Check your Enrollment Cancellation Balance over LoboWeb in the Registration & Records menu and watch for our emails during the first two week of the semester.
  • If you do not have a prior semester balance, you will not be canceled; however, you will incur service charges and a Bursar Hold will be placed on your account if you do not pay your billed balance by the bill due date or set up a payment plan.
  • If you are not planning to attend UNM, you must drop your courses by the published refund deadlines or you will be responsible for 100% of your tuition and fees charges.

If you are a UNM College of Nursing RN to BSN student, please see the College of Nursing’s website for your payment and semester deadlines.