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Department Deposits

Money List Processing

Subsection 2 of the Cash Management Policy (Section 7200) provides detailed information on how to prepare and submit a departmental deposit through a Money List (cash or check) or Credit Card Report. Please read the Policy in its entirety for a full understanding of your fiscal management responsibilities. You can also reference these FastInfo Answers.

The Cashier Department is available to pick up deposits from departments to assist them in being compliant with the Policy, which states, "Monies received should be deposited at the University Cashier Department intact bythe next working day following receipt." In addition, departments should never transport cash in excess of $500.00 without an escort (UBP, Section 7200.2.3).

A bank deposit is prepared daily by the Main Campus Cashier Department. It includes payments made on student accounts and monies collected/deposited by UNM departments (as explained above).

If a check is returned from the bank for any reason, the amount of the check is charged back to the department and the department is responsible for their own collection efforts.

For addition information, or to schedule a pick-up, please call (505) 934-4465 .

Credit Card Report Processing

The ‘Credit Card Report’ form should only be used to record revenue to the general ledger for departments who process their own credit card transactions via a credit card terminal.  The daily batch settlements are then placed on the left hand side of the credit card report and the index, account code and amount distribution should be clearly noted under the account summary on the right and correspond with the total batch settlement on the left.  This report should then be brought to the UNM Cashier Department for processing (very similar to the money list process). To access the credit card report form please visit:

As the UNM Cashier’s Department no longer accepts or processes credit card transactions, departments who wish to establish in house credit card processing may be eligible to do so by contacting the department of Credit Collections and Merchant Services.  NOTE:  Credit card payments can only be accepted in accordance with UNM Policy 7200 3.2.4 whereas all credit card processing must comply with the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).

UNM Departments who are looking for an eCommerce payment solution for non-face-to-face credit card transactions may contact the UNM Bursar’s Office. The Bursar’s Office will assist you in determining your department’s eligibility and or provide you with an alternate solution.  Please visit the following link for more information on the UNM Marketplace.

Web Department Deposits

Use the below link for Credit Card Reports entry:

Web Department Deposits hyperlink: TouchNet
Web address: