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Third Party

If your tuition is being paid by a Third Party, the Bursar's Office must receive an authorization letter every semester prior to the Enrollment Cancellation deadline.

Due to the volume of students enrolled at UNM as Third Party, it is necessary to establish standard procedures that must be followed by all agencies and students. The following applies to all Third-Party students at UNM:

  1. A past due balance must be paid before registering for any future semester;
  2. Students must be enrolled in classes (including 2nd 8-week courses) prior to the Enrollment Cancellation deadline.
  3. Students registering on or after the first day of classes may be assessed a non-refundable $30 Late Registration Fee and will be responsible for paying it out of pocket;
  4. Students must provide the Third Party Coordinator in the Bursar's Office with their authorization prior to the Enrollment Cancellation deadline to keep their current courses. Failure to provide the necessary authorization may result in enrollment being canceled;
  5. Students are responsible for providing their Third Party agency with the required academic information, such as class schedules and grades;
  6. Students are responsible for paying any charges not covered by the Third Party agency prior to the Enrollment Cancellation deadline;
  7. Students are responsible for notifying the Bursar's Office of any changes to their account caused by dropping or adding classes.

Third Party Agencies - please observe the following:

  1. All authorizations must be received prior to the Enrollment Cancellation deadline for the upcoming semester. If the authorization is not received by the deadline, the student may be dropped from all classes. The student will then have to re-register for classes, subject to availability, and possibly pay a non-refundable $30 Late Registration Fee;
  2. Authorizations must specify exactly what category of education cost will or will not be paid (i.e., tuition, books, special fees, housing, etc).

The Bursar's Office must receive the necessary information to continue providing quality services to our students. If you have further questions, please contact the Third Party Coordinator by sending an email to in the Bursar's Office.