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Making a Payment

There are various ways students, former students, faculty, staff and retirees can make payment on their account:

  1. Online in the Bursar Account Suite (via LoboWeb)
    • This is the safest, fastest and easiest way currently registered students can make payment on their account. Methods of payment include electronic check (or ACH - both checking and savings account), debit and credit card (all major cards are accepted). Students can also grant their spouse and/or parent (s), or other third parties, Authorized User access, which would allow them to make payment on the student's account. Authorized Users can make payments by going here.
    • Payment plans are available (semester by semester):
      • Must have at least $100 in charges in the current semester;
      • Cannot have a prior semester balance greater than $200;
      • Set up fee of $15 per payment;
      • First payment and set up fee are due immediately;
      • Scheduled payments are required.
    • Faculty, staff and retirees can also make payment in the Bursar Account Suite.
    • Former students cannot make payment online.
  2. Mail in your payment
    • Only mail checks, never cash, and always include your UNM ID number
  3. In person at the Cashier Department
    • Cash, check, money order, cashier's check

Be advised that by paying with personal check, you authorize UNM to make an electronic funds transfer from your financial institution.

Also be advised that a check or ACH payment returned for any reason will immediately result in the payment being reversed from your account and a $30.00 Returned Item Fee will be assessed to your account. After three returned items, you will no longer be able to make check or ACH payments at UNM and legal action may be taken with the District Attorney's Office.

Other forms of payment include: